IMAGE Through tracks selected
from six Village Pulse
A Land of
Drummers explores styles
of traditional music still
thriving in West Africa


About the Music

A Land of Drummers explores the traditional music of the Firdu Fula, Wolof, Mandinka, Balanta, and Jola people through 12 tracks selected from six Village Pulse recordings (VPU-1001 through VPU-1006). Digitally recorded in Senegal and the Gambia, the selections sketch a musical landscape shaped by a people with an enduring passion for rhythm.

Image The working tools of
bougarabou drummer
Saikouba Badjie,
at his compound in
Abuko, the Gambia

In performances by master percussionists, the tracks tour the traditional drum music of the Firdu Fula, Mandinka, and Wolof; the sacred drum music of the Qadiriya of Senegal (a style called Tabala Wolof); the traditional solo drum music of the Jola (bougarabou); and the traditional balafon music of the Balanta.

Image Mother and daughter
of Balanta balafonist
Malang Mané, at
their compound in
Sédhiou, Senegal



"Seattle's Village Pulse label has produced a series of excellently recorded, beautifully packaged volumes of Senegalese drumming, each devoted to a master in a particular style. This is a sampler giving an overview of the first six volumes."
--The Rough Guide to World Music, Vol. 1

"[T]his CD succeeds on several levels. First, it gives the listener a succinct introduction to the Village Pulse catalog thus making it possible to purchase the recordings that are of greatest interest. Second, it offers a clear sense of the diversity and quality of Senegambian percussion. In particular, this CD affords us with an excellent opportunity to compare and contrast these different traditions. Which brings me to the final and perhaps most important point: this CD succeeds in providing the listener with 50 minutes of exciting music."
--Tom Daddesio, Djembe and Mande Music

Audio Samples

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Catalog Reference

Title: A Land of Drummers
Artist: Various
Cat. No.: VPU-1007 (CD)

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